Friday, December 8, 2017

We Get Results!

As report cards are delivered and end of the quarter approaches, remember to not get discouraged with your child's current results! We are here to help you and there's still time to get those grades up before the end of the school year! We Get Results! 

Many years ago, a parent asked the school principal why after several years in special school programs, her child made no progress and in some ways regressed. Then she said, “I finally took my child to Stilwell’s Learning Center and he has progressed several grade levels this past year.” The principal remarked, “Well, they do get results!”

Since that time, our byword or branding has been We Get Results! Here are some of the reasons I believe we get lasting results:

1. No matter whether a student is diagnosed or suffers from ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, spelling, poor reading accuracy, poor reading comprehension, poor grades, poor vocabulary or learning frustration of any kind, we believe every student can learn to excel. We don’t put roadblocks of impossibilities in their way. Dyslexic students have completely conquered dyslexia. ADHD does not have to remain a problem and new focusing skills develop. The characteristics of different types of Autism have decreased and the student has begins to excel.

2. We diagnose for causes rather than just symptoms.

3. Many children have been “dumbed down” by harmful medications given for non-diagnosed or misdiagnosed ADHD.  It appears much of the medication often destroys brain cells and takes the natural curiosity, ingenuity and energy away from those students. Parents complain that their child is no longer the pleasant creative person he/she used to be. The grades might improve, but usually the root cause of learning problems still emerge the next year to be a problem all over again. Omega 3 supplementation is just one example we suggest parents investigate. Sometimes students seem to change overnight with such natural supplementation. Our learning programs also help eliminate dyslexia and ADHD and many other kinds of problems.

4. Encouragement is one of the key elements of our tutoring methods. Encourage, Encourage, Encourage. 

5. To get really good results, we also use a method call Auditory Visual Impression Pairing of information. Every 2-3 minutes the student works on a completely separate exercise in reading or math, increasing their focusing skills while impressing the brain to retain the information that has been sealed by both auditory and visual input and application.

These are just a few reasons we get solid results with children, teens and adults. With our specialized type of instruction, students receive, lock-in, and retain information as well as build logical connections which help restore even damaged areas in the brain. 

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