Saturday, January 13, 2018

Strategies for the New Year....Continued

As we discussed creating goals and writing them down last week, I did the same activity in my own business and life. Below are My Goals and Plans for the year. 

What are your Goals and Plans? I would love to hear them in the comments below! 

Strategy #5: Next, I begin to put them into categories.
1.    Personal Mental Development
     1)   Read one book every week which challenges my intellect.
     2)   One lesson each day with AdVocab (a higher vocabulary learning program)
     3)   Keep a daily journal of the things for which I am most thankful.
     4)   Read Success Magazine, BNI podcasts and literature and other business helps.

2.    Spiritual Growth
     1)   Follow a plan to read through the Bible in one year.
     2)   Study a different book each month on spiritual subjects.
     3)   Teach from what I am learning in church or seminars.

3.    Physical Enhancement
     1)   Sleep at least 8 hours per night and take a 15 minute power nap after lunch.
     2)   Meet with a physical trainer every other month for evaluation and new tasks.
     3)   Daily walks of at least one mile.
     4)   Far-infrared Sauna 5 days per week.
     5)   Weekly and daily Cardio and strength-based exercises

4.    Family and Marriage Desires
     1)   Family Dinner one Sunday afternoon per month
     2)   A weekly date night with my wife
     3)   Find ways each month to bless our children and grandchildren.

5.    Business Plans and Goals
     1)   At least 30 students Attending Stilwell’s Learning Center each week.
     2)   At least 10 Distance Learners each month.
     3)   Stick to the prepared budget for 6 months and review.
     4)   Employ and train 2 part-time tutors and 1 part-time office manager.
     5)   Contract to Webmaster and Face book manager.
     6)   Develop a weekly plan to receive referrals from current clients, former clients, schools, churches, clubs, BNI, etc.
     7)   Take one visitor per month to BNI.
     8)   Interview on a Friday Community radio broadcast.
     9)   Consider 15 second ads on radio stations when budget allows.
     10) Speak to a club or other venue at least once per month.
     11) Develop website blogs to boost internet presence.

6.    Recreational/Vacation Plans
     1)   Train trip to California with wife and granddaughter.
     2)   50th wedding anniversary in Frisco Colorado in August.
     3)   Healing is Here Week at Charis Bible College, Woodland Park, Colorado.

7.    Civic Responsibilities
     1)   Research different community volunteering possibilities, such as city council meetings, Helping homeless children, Salvation Army events, BNI benefits, etc.
     2)   Tithe to Church and give offerings to orphanages in Mexico and U.S. and Africa.

These will become the nuts and bolts of my schedule and my everyday business and personal life framework for the New Year. Month to month, I might make changes, deletions or additions, but it will still be the basis for a tracking record for the year.

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